When I was a kid in the 1980s, my parents would go to the supermarket once a month on Saturday mornings. Having been a regular viewer of Saturday morning cartoons, this would upset me as I had to go with them and miss out on all those shows. The superm…READ SOURCE →

My local Eaton’s growing up had a huge McDonaldland display that looked just like this in a cube in the middle of their toy department. I recall being kind of in awe of the diorama but it couldn’t compete with Big Jim, Bulletman or the Mego Superheroes…READ SOURCE →

I’m not sure what your favourites were but I had a mean love affair with playing Hangman and staring at the Sleestak on the “Land of the Lost” board….. Like our Facebook PageCheck out our InstagramGet the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.Fo…READ SOURCE →

So our good buddy, Mick over at Retro Ramblings, threw a curve ball at me
when he reminded me that these had to be action figures I had. I was going
to pepper in some of those I wanted but never had, but he told me to cool
my jets on that as that topic in on the horizon.READ SOURCE →

Comic books, as with anything, have changed considerably as time has gone on. The changes that have happened have been with the various parts which actually go into forming the comic book itself. Some changes happened because of advancements in technology, some because of natural…READ SOURCE →