Why is HASBRO going all in on Micronauts? What Happened to the HCU?

Nearly two years after HASBRO announced its writing team for a cinematic universe project, details are finally surfacing on its release plan and they are somewhat of a head-scratcher. In case you missed it, the five properties included in the HCU project were G.I. Joe, ROM, Micronauts, M.A.S.K., and Visionaires.


Stuck in the ’80s Episode 442: Our Strange Loves of the ’80s

For Valentine’s Day this year, Spearsy, B-Rad and Jen with One N decide to confess their “strange loves” in the ’80s. Not relationships – but rather our strange loves in music, movies and more. This is part 1 of that series. Also, listener mailbox is full of stories of job woes, thus creating an entirely […]